Ahmed took us on a wonderful tour the Gaysay grassland where we found ourselves super close to Nyalas, Bushbucks and Reedbucks – the tour was beautiful. It felt as if being right in Paradise. In the Sanetti Plateau we saw Ethiopian wolfs twice, and after this highlight the Harenna Forest surprised by it’s diverse vegetation! Ahmed’s knowledge of animals and plants is outstanding and I really enjoyed his awareness and expertise. You will have a great tour with him, because he is open-minded and very talented! I highly recommend booking a tour with him – he will lead you places that you dream of.


“Anna Caroline from Germany”

I visited Bale Mountains National Park with @vagabondgentleman. Our main purpose was wildlife photography due to the large number of endemic and rare species, beautiful landscapes and varied habitats. Everyone always focuses on the highlands and Ethiopian wolves, but i absolutely loved the Harenna forest as well!

I really recommend our knowledgable, friendly and funny guide: Ahmed Allo. He is a dedicated birder, but allround naturalist as well. He has very good knowledge of English and can help you with a lot of other practicalities as well. Thru him and a healthy dose of luck we observed 20 Ethiopian wolves and countless other species! Check out my work at www.picturingwildlife.com or Instagram @picturing_wildlife to see some of the results or ask me directly about my experiences with Ahmed.

“Bart from Netherlands”

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