A Bit About Me

My name is Ahmed Alo and I am the founder of Bale Mountains Tours Ethiopia. I started this company in order to promote local tourism and introduce new people to both the Bale Mountains and the whole of Ethiopia, all the while providing clients with a better level of service and a better experience overall. Through this, I hope to help make Ethiopia a world-class tourism destination.

I have been working as a guide in the Bale Mountains and with Bale Mountains National Park for 9 years and during this time I have been continuously striving to improve my guiding knowledge and the service with I offer.

I attended the Lion Ethiopia Tourism and Hotel College in Addis Ababa where I received my Tour Guide Diploma and the Alliance Ethio Francaise school again in Addis Ababa where I received my French language Diploma. In addition, I have attended numerous tourism and guiding related trainings provided by Bale Mountains National Park (BMNP) and the Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS). My passion is guiding and I am committed to both this field of work and providing my skills.

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In my time as a guide I have been fortunate enough to travel to and become familiar with all of the popular tourist destinations in Ethiopia. I am familiar with Ethiopia’s history, culture and natural wonders of Ethiopia. I am also fluent in the English, French, Amharic and Afan Oromo languages. Like I said, I am very passionate about guiding and hope that I get the chance to show you around this amazing country.

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